Everything starts with an idea !


Having an idea is great, knowing how to bring it to life is something else. That is why we are here to help you, explaining you step by step what to do to put an idea to market.

At this stage you would want to protect your ideas. A simple trick to protect your concepts, is to mail yourself a basic introduction of your ideas on paper. No need to go much in details as far as calculation goes. Scribbled notes would be fine. Upon receiving this said letter, do not open it, as proof that it is your ideas and it is stamped with a date. This action is far from being a valid 5- PATENTS but will still protect you under copyright laws of creation.


Does this concept already exists? There is two ways for this to verify.

1. Search similar patents freely : GOOGLE PATENTS FREE SEARCH
2. Contact a patent agent and ask for a patentability search. Having done a lot of business with PROTECTION EQUINOX, i strongly recommend them as they deliver good insight and quality presentation.

If your patentability searches are conclusive and you can go ahead. Its time to create a market study. I recommend at first a basic one. At this stage you just want to know what kind of potential your ideas looks like on the market. Later on in my section 9- PARTS IMPORTANCE i will recommend a more extensive one before going in full production. Verify you local CLD (Centre de Developement Local) for prices and budget. Many Government funds are available trough them and they offer basic market study not too expensive and well presented.


Verify if your ideas are under certification requirement like: UL (Underwriter Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standard Association), FM (Factory Mutual); just to name a few. In that case some documentation will need to be read before designing. When under restriction from such association, tolerance and material are important to consider. To know more on certification visit : 10- CERTIFICATION

For more information on identifying your needs. Feel free to contact me : CONTACT INFO