Analyze is key to success!

Being an Excel master for many years, the introduction of Powerpivot as created a new Excel era.

No more complex copy \ paste, nor complex formula like :


to consolidate all your different source of data to a single sheet of Excel. Instead connect to many sources such as accounting software (Accomba, Avantage, Sage, Simple comptable), Access, Excel files, CRM, website statistic etc. Create dashboards to analyze your company success with easy to read graphics. Evaluate your products or clients statistic with simple buttons directly in an environment that everybody is used to see “Excel”.

Imagine comparing the sales from your accounting software with the number of visit on your website after a web promotion. All this at the press of a refresh button in a single excel file.

We also have a template based with powerpivot for inventory management.


This system in excel is calculating your sales statistic and creates a reorder point based on the time it takes for your supplier to replenish your stock. Calculates a security stock, a standard deviation and creates a reorder date. Based on fiscal quarters since you do not order the same amounts all year around. A complex set of calculation very easy to use.


To know what is Powerpivot for excel take a look at this video: