Is your idea under certification requirement like: UL (Underwriter Laboratories), CSA (Canadian Standard Association), FM (Factory Mutual); just to name a few.

In this example i will refer to UL (Underwriter Laboratories)


I choose Underwriter Laboratories  since i have a lot of experience with them having met many of their engineers in their Chicago office. UL as been able to help me at every stage of my certification process.

Why a certification?

in your evaluation process, the market will dictate if your product needs a certification or not. More product then you think needs a certification before going on the market ex. phones, computer, construction equipment etc. Think of it as a mandatory insurance policy. They test your product and give you a seal of approval, as long as you can guaranty that you will not change the way you manufacture your part and do not change the 12- INSTRUCTION MANUAL they approved. In those condition if anything fails. they will be responsible.

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